Psittacosis (MOMP)


About this test

Psittacosis (also known as ornithosis or parrot fever) is a systemic zoonosis caused by infection with Chamydophyla psittaci. Chlamydial infection is common among birds, affecting more than 130 domestic and wild species. C. psittaci can also be transmitted by pet birds to their owners, posing a great risk to humans. There has been a gradual increase in human cases of avian chlamydiosis. In fact, the growing trade in exotic birds has caused the frequency of avian chlamydiosis to rise rather than diminish, making it necessary to take measures to control these birds and preventing the illegal trade in them.


Dear customer: please be aware in case of a positive result for the Psittacosis test you are selecting, we need to make you aware that such result is a reportable disease under the CDC and the Florida Department of Agriculture.

If you are located in Florida we are obliged by law to contact the Florida Department of Agriculture and inform about your positive result. They will contact you afterwards to receive more information.

If you are outside of Florida please reach out to your state’s Department of Health to report it.

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